A company’s „stamp” for successfully completed internship

Dusan Milanov, from the Career Center and the Alumni club of UGD

By Nikolina Atanasova and Ivan Dukovski

Current students seem to provide certificates for internships without  actually pursuing the latter. Some students know how to obtain such certificates, but some admit to not attending practical internships at all. In lieu of fulfilling the internship requirement through gaining practical experience in a company, students present an internship certificate, without fulfilling the stated requirement.

-I have not pursued any internships in this country. During the summer holidays, I apply for student jobs in Germany. As evidence for an internship completed in Macedonia, I manage to get a formal certificate which enables me to enroll in the upcoming academic year, says a third year student at the Electrotechnical faculty to the University of Goce Delcev  (UGD) on the fulfilling the internship requirement, enabling him to enroll in the upcoming year of his studies.

There are students who make use of the possibilites for internships provided by the faculties. Martin Goracinski, from the Faculty of Business Informatics, points out that in the course of his studies, he fulfilled the internship requirement which he adds to his résumé and is quite satisfied

-Last year, I did a 30 day internship in Stopanska Banka, but am currently in Romaina as an Erasmus student, Martin says.

Internships are mandatory for all students from all levels of study. The latter have the possibility to choose a company in which they wish to act as interns and may, to this end, choose one of the 500 companies with which UGD has an already established collaboration. Internships are realized during the students‘ summer break. In the course of the three summer months, students are required to spend 20 days as interns in a company or an institution. Each student is held to establish an internship journal without which, enrolling in the upcoming academic year is not possible.

Should a student wish to act as intern in one of the companies which is not amongst the companies UGD collaborates with, such collaboration can be established at any time. UGD is open for collaboration. Students are free to pursue internships in any company or institution that shows interest for hiring interns. Internships are not made public as open offers and are usually agreed directly with the companies. Many companies are, indeed, interested in having interns. Bigger companies have more space for student interns. Smaller companies experience difficulties in that regard. Nevertheless, there is an overall interest to hire student interns in companies acting in different areas of business, from banks and hotels to mines, schools etc.

The Career Center and the Alumni club of UGD is in charge with orienting the students toward internships. Dushan Milanov says that for some students, internhips prove to be positive experiences, but for some, they are negative experiences:

-Some of the students are introverted and do not actively look for a job, they are afraid and confused. However, there are those who wish to see and try many things and are active, they communicate and actively look for a job, says Milanov.

Implementing the acquired university knowledge in practice mostly depends on how ambitious individual students are. Considering that almost all job offers require experienced workers, internships provide a possibility for students to acquire practical experience in the course of their studies.