Huge interest for the program Erasmus plus

Marijana Kroteva, coordinator of the ERASMUS + program at the University in Stip

By Nikolina Atanasova, Jovana Velinova and Blagojcho Kostadinov

Students are more and more willing to go on a student exchange. Hence, on the call for student exchange through European Community Action Scheme for the Mobility of University students or ERASMUS + program, in 2014 there were around 50 students that have been applied, 20 of them have visited European states. For this year’s call, there were 80 students that have applied for the program or four times more compared with the last year. 

The positive story and experience has a former student of the Faculty of economy at the State University Goce Delcev that was on an exchange trip to Germany for four months. She gained quality knowledge and she was closely introduced and researched with the economic techniques so that she can implement in the economy here, in Macedonia.

-Besides widening my knowledge of the economy science I also had an opportunity to perfected the German language, since I was using it in my daily communication with the colleagues. Also, I had an opportunity to learn more about their culture, which is a plus for me, says Ljupka Nikolova, a former student at the Faculty of economy.

Macedonia has a right to be part of this student exchange and the first one was gained in 2009. The main goal of the program are student exchanges, establishing new contacts and networking of students, so that they can learn about each other’s cultural values, perfection of the language and possibilities for new ideas and perspectives.

-Up until now, we have sent 55 students. Total 44 are sent only this academic year. There must be a selection and some candidates must wait and use the chance next academic year. This kind of stay has its responsibilities and preparedness of the student itself. According to the program, each faculty publishes a concrete number of available places for students. There are cases where only one student applies for a specific faculty. Before they leave, we prepare students by giving them some help, sharing tips and information about the stay abroad, says Marijana Kroteva, coordinator of the ERASMUS + program at the University in Stip.

Students who did not succeed, on the other hand have doubts about the selection process and expect that the number of students who go on an exchange will be bigger in the future since the interest among the students is big as well, says a student from the Faculty of educational sciences.

-The number of the selected applicants is small and it should be increased because the interest from the students for the program is big as well and the situation must be seen more realistically because it is not fair students that deserve to go on an exchange trip to be refused, comments the student.

According to the official criteria, the selection process of the candidates is made on a university/academic level. The basis of the criteria for selection are: academic success, knowledge of the English language or the language of the lectures that the students must attend, motivation and as an additional criteria is interview with the applicants. The state university Goce Delcev in Stip has signed the ERASMUS agreements with several European states, such as Slovenia, Bulgaria, Spain, Croatia, Romania, Poland, Lithuania, Estonia. The students are most interested in going in west European countries.