Luxury is having yachts, for ones, a night with a family, for others

Some say that luxury is time well spent with a loved one

By Danijel Frfalanović
While majority of the young people, when they were asked what is luxury for them, answered – yachts, shopping, cars, golden telephones and a cozy life without working, yet, some of them surprized us with their answers and said that luxury for their perception is studying, tickets for concerts, time with their family, as well as many other small things that can bring joy in their everyday life.
-Luxury is when you have it all! Things that you need and thing that you don’t need, simply, you have everything over the top! You don’t worry about nothing, simply you live with a silver spoon in your mouth, said Jelena Đokić, a student on tourism studies from Niš.
Some say that luxury is time well spent with a loved one, which from some reason you are apart from and the new life tempo is keeping you busy and torn on many places.
-A luxury for me is when after a long and busy week I open a beer with my loved one and along with pop-corn we watch our favourite TV show, talking about thing that happened during the week, because we haven’t spent quality time together because of our many obligations. Even greater luxury is when someone from my friends appreciates time spent together. Having free time nowadays for someone is a luxury, because time is money, and in Serbia, time is lacking, answers Anđela Jovanović, a student from Niš.
Some of the people that we have talked with pointed out that the modern life nowadays is dictating a new system of values, therefore, today even true friends is luxury. So, we got an impression that whenever we look, the life is a battle among success, moral and work.
-Luxury is possessing real, true moral values. In an era that requires a struggle for a status in a society, as well as in its various sectors, it is essential not to be pull down into all of that. And if you can manage, after all these challenges, at the end of the day, draw a line and see that you are good, successful, that you work with your heart and that you deserve that with your hard work, then you can say that you sleep calmly, and that makes luxury, underlines Katarina Jagodić, a student at the Pedagogy faculty from Knjaževac.
Young people are reaching the point where they can;t even afford a normal family lunch and conversation with the family. So, some of them think that is luxury for them.
-Lately, luxury to me is a lunch with my family, because my brother is not here, and my parents are too busy during the working week, so they use their free weekend traveling around. And we all gather when some problem occurs, unfortunately, says Nadežda Milojković, a student from Niš.
A luxury can be seen in our possibilities, wishes and striving for constant investing in ourselves and setting challenges.
-Luxury for me is something that is not reachable for me. If I can’t gain it, pursuit it, get it, then, it’s not some luxury, says Miša Ković, a student from Niš.
For some, luxury is having a yacht, going to a seaside, and for others, a true and honest love – whether is friend’s or partner’s love, for ones – luxury is some material thing, for others, just to feel that they are loved.