Young people often travel without insurance

They travel without insurance

By Mimoza Galaboska
Most of the young people who travel abroad, in order to save some money, decide not to buy a travel insurance. But, when they do, they usually buy the cheapest one. The price of a travel insurance varies from three Euros for the neighboring countries and five Euros for the countries in the EU. When travel overseas, the cost of a travel insurance depends on the time planned to be spent in the foreign country. The passengers have the opportunity to buy an insurance for their luggage as well, their personal items as well as delayed and cancelled flights.
But, in order to save some money, the majority of the young people in Macedonia are traveling outside the country without a travel insurance, considering that the insurance is an unnecessary cost.
Some of the touristic agencies say that they are trying to convince the young people not to travel without the travel insurance, because accidents happen everywhere and to everyone and if they don’t possess a travel insurance, they will face a situation where they have to pay the costs from their own pocket.
-We always consult our clients to travel with a travel insurance, but most young people refuse to do that. Accidents happen and in such cases, the passengers with insurance have to keep all the receipts spent while medical treatments, so that the insurance companies can refund their money, say in one touristic agency.
The travel insurance in Macedonia can be purchased in the touristic agency, where you have purchased the travel arrangement as well, so that you won’t have to go in the insurance companies. But, in cases where you are planning your own travel, besides in the touristic agencies, you can buy a travel insurance and to inform about the packages and their prices in the insurance companies.
From the insurance companies say that the prices of the travel insurance varies from the type of the traveling and the destination. In average, the cost of a travel insurance varies from three Euros for the neighboring countries and five Euros for the countries in the EU or for some country overseas. The main travel insurance is covering the basic medical costs, reimbursement in cases of accidents. There are different insurance packages for traveling, that provides an overall reimbursement of the costs for medical treatments, lost luggage, delayed flights and accidents, but, still, they point out that the young people, if decided to buy a travel insurance, they always go for the cheapest one.